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Vu Course Selection Process

Vu Course Selection Process 

Course selection process is a process by which you select all your subjects and prepare for the new semester. In the course selection, all the books that are up-selected are included, so take special care during the selection process.

Course Selection Method:

The first step is log in your LMS with your student ID

Step 2: Then click on the left bar course selection.

Step 3: Prioritize taking classes with a "F" grade and, when possible, improving those with a "D" mark when choosing your courses. Default constructor takes.

Step 4: Check the boxes to select a course.

Step 5: Save it

Some Rules of the Course selection process please read it before the selection process.

The credit hour restrictions are as follows:

A total of 18 credit hours are permitted for the first and second semesters.

A maximum of 18 credit hours are permitted for the third and subsequent semester(s). However, under some circumstances, the University may only permit a student to enroll in a maximum of 21 credits if their cumulative grade point average (CGPA) is less than 3.00 out of 4.

For the final semester, a maximum of 21 credit hours of coursework are permitted, along with any required projects or internships, provided that all degree requirements are completed within the same semester and that no other rules regarding course selection, such as prerequisite or specialization requirements, are broken.

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