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CS614 Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2022

 CS614 Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2022: Today we share with you cs614 assignment 1 Solution fall 2022 but students before creating your assignment kindly read all the instructions carefully.

The assignment will not be accepted after due date. Zero marks will be awarded to the assignment that does not open or the file is corrupt. The assignment file must be an MS Word (.doc) file format; Assignment will not be accepted in any other format. Zero marks will be awarded to the assignment if copied (from other students, internet or any source).  Zero marks will be awarded to the assignment if the Student ID is not mentioned in the assignment file.

The world economy has moved form the industrial age into information driven knowledge economy. The information age is characterized by the computer technology, modern communication technology and Internet technology; all are popular in the world today. Governments around the globe have realized potential of information, as a “multifactor” in the development of their economy, which not only creates wealth for the society, but also affects the future of the country. Thus, many countries in the world have placed the modern information technology into their strategic plans. They regard it as the most important strategic resource for the development their society, and are trying their best to reach and occupy the peak of the modern information driven knowledge economy.

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