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CS507 Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2022

CS507 Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2022: Today We share with you CS507 Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2022 Before creating your assignment file please read the instruction carefully and follow all the rules.

Every transaction that an organization undertakes has a financial impact, to be recorded and reported by the accounts & finance department. Hence there is a share of interest for every department in reports and information produced by this system. Financial Information Systems like other information systems should cater for information requirements at each level, for instance.

CS507 Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2022: Information by itself is proving to be the most critical resource for organizations. Such is the criticality that other resources of the organization cannot be managed without it. This has lead to the evolution of information systems to efficiently manage the information resource of the organization. This system is usually employed by the Information Services department which is the major functional area of the organization.

You are required to choose the most appropriate name/term against each scenario given in the below table. You are required to write only index numbers (1 to 11) of terms/names against each scenario in the below table.

  1. Office daily routine word processing systems
  2. CS507
  3. Decision support system
  4. Transaction processing system
  5. Challenges in a business environment
  6. Non-structured Decision-Making approach
  7. Legal Elements of Environment
  8. Data
  9. Structured decision making approach
  10. Internal source of information in organization
  11. Information

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