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MGT402 Gdb 1 Solution Fall 2022 - Vu Expert Solutions

 Mgt402  gdb 1 solution fall 2022: Today we are sharing with Mgt402 GDB 1 solution fall 2022 before creating your assignment and gdb file please read the instructions carefully all and follow the rules.

Mgt402 gdb 1 Solution Fall 2022

Activity level

The activity level refers to the amount of work done, or the number of events that have occurred. Depending on circumstances, the level of activity may refer to the volume of production in aperiod, the number of items sold, the value of items sold, the number of invoices issued, the number of invoices received, the number or units of electricity consumed, the labor turnover etc.

Basic principle

The basic principle of cost behavior is that as the level of activity rises, costs will usually raise. For example; it will cost more to produce 500 units of output than it will cost to produce 100 units; it will usually cost more to travel 10 km than to travel 2 km. Although the principle is based on the common sense, but the cost accountant has to determine, for each cost elements, whether which cost rises by how much by the change in activity level.

Cost Accounting:

It is the establishment of budgets, standard cost and actual costs of operations, processes, activities or products and the analysis of variances, profitability or social use of funds. It involves a careful evaluation of the resources used within the business. The techniques employed are designed to provide financial information about the performance of a business and possibly the direction which future operations should take.

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