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MGT501 Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2022

MGT501 GDB 1 Solution Fall 2022: Today we sharing we with you mgt501 Assignment 1 solution fall 2022 before creating your assignment read the instructions carefully and follow the rules.

Workplace diversity" refers to a workplace that includes workers that have different characteristics, such as gender, race, ethnicity, etc. A diverse workplace is one that employs people with a wide range of characteristics and experiences. Modern technology has further enhanced workplace diversity by providing different modes and tools for integration and engagement of diverse people from multiple geographical locations and backgrounds. Therefore, the workplace is becoming increasingly diverse in terms of nationality, culture, gender, experience, personality, and other factors. It has a considerable impact on management operations at the national and international levels. This diversified workplace has been considerably difficult for top management to accommodate with employees coming from multiple cultural work groups. Due to this, interpersonal conflicts arises and managing the diverse employees in such a workplace is significantly difficult for an organization to bring all employees on a one single platform.


As an HR-Manager, how will you deal with employees from diversified work group to achieve common organizational goal? Provide three points with logical reasoning.


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Opportunities; -

Change preconceived notions by providing employees with the opportunity to be mentored by individual from different culture, background and ages to improved the communication and build relationships.

Team work; -

Encourage employs to focus on each other's strength, guiding, communicating and create function team so that individual from different background can works together.

For example; - It’s important you work on claiming generation gaps. Employees should encourage and support employs to cause they fell that dayhave a voice and seat\t the tables.

Leadership is aligned with goals; -

I will make sure that the leadership is benefited and on with my plans. ‘If you do not have leadership support these things fail Leadership's behavior and action will serve. For example, for all levels of the organization, and set tones for what is expected of employees.

Set the right roles and responsibilities;-

To ensure that your plan is implemented correctly, it’s important that those involved know what to do. In other words: set up explicit action items for everyone; from the diversity hiring lead, manager, and recruitment team, to all employees, HR & operations.

Implement bias-free recruiting practices

To achieve your workforce diversity goals it’s important that you implement bias-free recruiting practices using the right technology, language, and communication. A few examples:

  • Blind interviewing.
  • Use diversity-friendly job descriptions (using a tool like Texico for example).
  • Use the same interview questions for every candidate.
  • Use diverse sourcing channels to prepare a robust pipeline.
  • Have more minority representation in your hiring team.
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