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Mth001 Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2022

MTH001 Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2022: Today we are sharing with you mth001 assignment solution 2022 before creating your assignment and gdb solution please read the instructions carefully and follow all the rules.

Mth001 Assignment 2 Solution 2022
Please read the following instructions carefully before attempting the solution of this assignment:

To solve this assignment, you should have good command over 06 to 12 lectures.

Try to consolidate your concepts that you learn in the lectures with these questions.

Upload your assignment properly through VULMS. No Assignment will be accepted through emails.

First of all, you should download the uploaded question file. Next, solve the given questions (i.e. type the solution) on it. Finally, submit your own solution file in VULMS.

Understand the problem then solve it according to the statements (requirements) of the questions.

If you do not solve the questions by the method that is asked (required) in the problems then the marks will be deducted (or could be zero).

Do not use colorful backgrounds in your solution files.

All the students are directed to use the font and style of text as is used in this document i.e. the font size/style should be preferably 12 Times New Roman with black font color.

The assignments should be zoomed in at 100%.

Question No 1:

Consider a relation S on the set of integers Z, defined as follow:

x S y    x≡y(mod5)   for all x,yZ.

Verify whether S is equivalence relation or not

Question No 2:

Student A tries to define a function f Q→Q by the rule:

f(n/m)=n/m^2  for all integers m and n with m≠0.

Student B claims f is not well defined. Justify student B’s claims.

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Mth001 Assignment 2 Solution 2022

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