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URD101 Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2022

URD101 Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2022: Today we are sharing with you assignment  1 solution fall 2022, before creating your assignment and gdb file please read all the instructions carefully and follow all the rules.

Reading is the most important skill you will need for success in your studies. Poor reading may be a problem for many of you, but it is not a hopeless one. We have been learning ways in which you can improve your reading comprehension. Remember, this will only be an introduction. You must continue to read and practice on your own. You learn to read by reading.

Our main concern is improving your comprehension. There is a relationship between reading speed and reading comprehension. You may think that if you read rapidly, your comprehension will suffer. This is a false assumption. As you push yourself to read slower you may find that you comprehend less.

If you learn to recognize and understand the principles and methods of writing - rhetoric - it will

help improve your reading. If you learn to understand why a piece of text or writing was written, what it says, both in overall statement and major sub points, and how the author or writer has made those major statements and the minor sub parts fit in, it will help improve your understanding of the reading text.

An important part of reading is realizing that everything you read has an author or writer who has something to say, and he says it in a particular way or manner. You, as a successful reader, must apply the same technique that the writer used - the questions, why? What? How? And decode what he has said.

There are 3 common purposes of communication: to inform, to persuade and to entertain. When the purpose is to inform, the writer gives information on facts about the topic or subject he is writing about. When the purpose is to persuade, the aim is to convince the reader to agree with the writer’s point of view. Here, also writers may give facts but their main goal is to promote an opinion. For the third purpose which is to entertain, the author appeals to the reader’s senses and imagination with the aim of amusing and delight.

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